Zyngle.com Review: Why Zyngle.com Wasn’t Ranked In the Top 5

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On October 26, 2012
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Don't wate your time with Zyngle.com - It's a scam!

The only reason we didn’t rank Zyngle.com 15th out of 15 is because they actually have a clear focus – relationship dating. Unlike many of the dating sites we reviewed, it was clear that this wasn’t a hookup site, moonlighting as a singles dating site. That’s about the only good thing we can mention about Zyngle.com. Well, maybe the hottie on the beach in their home page picture too.

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We had never heard of Zyngle.com before doing a little research. This site hasn’t been around long. And chances are, they won’t stick. We’ll be surprised if they don’t go out of business within a year. Why? Because it’s a horrible dating site with limited potential. It’s difficult for sites such as Zyngle.com to enter the online dating game at a time where Match.com, eHarmony.com, etc. are dominating the market.

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There’s no point wasting time on Zyngle.com. Check out this top 5 list for legit singles dating sites!

Members on this site are referred to as “Zyngles” – which rhymes with “single”. That’s sort of a creative, catchy gimmick, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that there aren’t many quality Zyngles to chat with. And, worst of all, they use arguably the least complex matching system on any dating site. You are matched with basically any woman in your area. It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in and she’s interested in.

Zyngle.com: Reviewing Our Zyngle.com Results & Experience With This Crappy Site

The first thing we do when signing up for any dating site is to play around with the site and get a feel for it. We check out all of the features and try to get an idea for what the other men are writing in their profiles. What we found was pure comedy. Let’s see here – “sup ladies get at me if u horny” and “im dtf and looking for a shorty that is 2” were our favorites. Those were actual profile descriptions. Nothing else was included. How could any woman NOT want to get with those guys? They seemed like total charmers.


  1. Average looking, not very many attractive women
  2. Profiles showing complete lack of intelligence
  3. Questionable intentions

We had the privilege of chatting with 29 “Zyngle” women. Sure, we attempted to chat with 450 women, but at least 29 responded to our emails! Oh, wait, that’s a pitiful response rate? What’s even more pitiful was we had no chance of setting up any dates. No matter what strategies we implemented, there just weren’t enough Zyngle women that were serious about finding someone.

Zyngle.com Review: Conclusion

The “Zyngle” gimmick is kind of catchy. We’ll at least give them that. The problem is it’s really hard to attract the clientele they’re trying to attract. Sites such as Xpress.com and Match.com are dominating the singles dating game and that’s not going to change any time soon. We give Zyngle.com credit for trying to create a solid product. But they fail in delivering. We cannot, under any circumstances, recommend Zyngle.com to you.

Thanks for reading this Zyngle.com review. I hope it helps clarify that Zyngle.com is a total scam and is NOT a legit dating website and NOT for real! Check out these legit singles sites instead of Zyngle.