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Our #5 Favorite Site. is for those looking to re-ingite the flame in relationships. It's a little more X-rated than the other four, but very decent nonetheless.

What do you have a for? Perhaps you like classical music or sports, or maybe you love debating politics. When you sign-up for, you’ll have a good chance of meeting women that share those isn’t much like the other singles dating sites we reviewed. You won’t find an extensive compatibility matching system like the ones on or What you will find is down to earth women that are looking to add a little spice to their life.

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Sex is a bigger topic on this site than most other singles dating sites. That’s because men and women that use are openly looking for sex. Don’t take that the wrong way. Most of the women aren’t just looking for a friends with benefits situation. They want the whole shebang. You can’t get away with being just a nice, hopeless romantic on here.

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Try Our #5 Recommended Singles Dating Site:

You have to be a guy that loves sex and pleasing a woman…AND has a romantic side to him. In this review, we’re going to teach you a few tricks of the trade on how to impress women on We’ll also go over the differences between the other Top 5 dating sites. Upon concluding your reading of our review, you’ll have a good understanding of whether or not you should sign-up. If we’ve already peaked your interest based on what we have said about to this point, we believe you’ll find that is right for you. Review Of Our Results

Looks should NEVER be everything to you, even if you’re mostly just looking for sex. But we found more stunningly beautiful women on than any other site. Part of that might have to do with women posting more provocative photos than on, say, But don’t let that fool you. These women aren’t total sluts. They’re actually looking for a REAL relationship. They just have some sexual desires they need fulfilled as well.

Being the complete perverts we are deep down inside (come on, we’re guys!), we can honestly say that was the most enjoyable singles dating site we reviewed. That doesn’t mean it’s the best, but we had so much fun we hated when the 12-week process ended.


  1. Sexy, yet classy
  2. Did not come across many stuck-up women
  3. Easy to get laid AND find true romance

Our 12 weeks spent on included sending out 1 email per day, per guy (5 of us). Since we all live in different parts of the United States, we weren’t sending emails to the same women. There were a composite total of 450 emails sent. 50% response rate was the goal. As you may already know, 301 women were more than happy to respond to our messages (66.9%). The ultimate goal was to score as many dates as possible. On, in 12 weeks, we scored 15 dates, or an average of 3 dates per person. Not too shabby!

The Top Things That Worked

Read through our dating guide on how to become attractive to women and how to send emails, create a profile, etc. That advice does work on just like it does on the other dating sites. But there are some minor adjustments you need to make in order to have success on here. You must understand that this isn’t your ordinary singles dating site. Women are more open sexually on here than,,, and

But that doesn’t mean you should abandon our advice about not being a pervert online. Even women that are open sexually are not attracted to men that are disgusting pigs. You shouldn’t send emails with pictures of the family jewels or content that will make her wonder if you’re a desperate loser/potential rapist. Introduce yourself in the same manner as you would on any other dating site. Create a profile that screams “I’m a mature, classy dude…with sex appeal”. So write your profile in the same manner, but add in a tad bit about how you are “eager to please just as much as receive”.

Classy guys with a hint of sex appeal are the ones that get the girl on You can play the nice guy routine as long as you don’t come off as needy or insecure. If you want to play off the bad boy routine instead on, you better know how to pull it off. So many guys try to become a bad boy, but they suck at doing it. If you can’t pull off the bad boy routine, it’s best to stick with the nice guy schtick. Review: Tactics For Gaming

Getting an edge on is very much like most dating sites. It’s all about how active you are on the site and how often you log-in. Profiles are ranked based on how much you frequent the site and the last time you logged in. At the very least, log-in once per day. But we’d suggest 2-3 times, if not more. Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Love On

At first, we were a bit confused if this was a singles dating site or a hookup site? The home page really threw us off. If you haven’t viewed the site yet, the home page has a picture of a woman wrapping her arms around a dude with his shirt off. And their slogan is “sexy personals for passionate people”. To us, that makes appear to be a hookup site. When we signed up, we found out that hookups weren’t the only focus of the site. So our complaint is with their marketing approach. Why confuse your customers? Review: Conclusion

Those of you that will be interested in signing up for will be a different crowd than those signing up for our other recommended dating sites. That’s not a knock on either group of people. We all are looking for something different. And that’s part of the reason we like It’s a site that gives singles an alternative to traditional dating sites.

If you consider sex the most important part of a relationship, is for you. Definitely use this site. But don’t neglect and/or should be a secondary site, even for those of you that need regular sex. Trust us, you can find women that will put out right away on other dating sites too!

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it helps clarify that is a not a scam and is a legit dating website and definitely the real deal!