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On October 26, 2012
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Our #3 Favorite Site. eHarmony is decent for finding longer term relationships. Women are a little more careful to meet up on this site, but overall it's quite decent.

Everyone in the online dating game is familiar with Perhaps you’ve given this site a chance with no success. Many guys fail on, and if you’re one of them, your luck (or, should we say, skill) is about to change. In many ways, is similar to They both are old-school dating sites that use the best matching systems online.

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The biggest difference between and is the amount of time it takes to meet someone. It’s a bit quicker on, but that’s not a knock on If you’re out to find love, what’s the rush? We find that is the perfect “backup” singles dating site, so to speak. Let’s say you’re going on dates with women on and/or and the dates don’t go so well. Then you can come back to – hopefully you’ve been working your game on there throughout – and then set dates up with the women you’ve been communicating with.

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Try Our #3 Recommended Singles Dating Site: Review Of Our Results

In terms of attractiveness, personality, and intelligence, we find to be one of the better dating sites. Women on are a lot of fun to chat with because many of them have a great sense of humor. The type of women most men would want to date can be found on

There is a method to our madness. Everything we’ve taught you in our dating guide was implemented into our arsenal on The review process on this site was no different from the others. Sign-up, create a profile, contact 5 women per day between 5 guys in 5 different parts of the country over a 12-week span, chat with them, and attempt to convince them to go on a date with us. It’s not rocket science, but it does require effort and a system.


  1. Impressive mix of race, age, and personality
  2. Easy to talk to
  3. Quite a few easy “targets”

In case you’re not a Math major, we sent out a total of 450 emails between the 5 guys. 320 women responded to our messages. Again, for those that struggle with using a calculator, that’s a 71.1% response rate. We would have been satisfied with 50%, so we were quite happy to receive so many responses on To put things in perspective, the 15th ranked site saw a 3.3% response rate. Once again, it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out the difference between those sites. eHamony was actually closer to the top site ( than any site in the Bottom-10. Oh, and best of all, 18 women agreed to go out on a date with us. That surpassed our goal as well.

The Top Things That Worked

We already discussed the difference between and Both are great sites, but both require a completely different approach. In our review, you’ll notice we advised you to take a more aggressive approach towards meeting women. With, we suggest being more passive. The reason? You should take your time in meeting women on

To us, is a great complementary singles dating site. By itself, sure, you can meet someone. We’re not trying to steer you away from it. However, we’ve found that works best as a complementary site because it generally takes longer to set-up a date on this site than is a quick-fix dating site. When you have no patience and want to meet someone right away, it’s best to use or

When you have some patience or want a backup plan in case the relationships with the women you meet on or don’t go anywhere, you can come back to As long as you’re continuing to chat with women on while dating women from other sites, you’ll always have a woman waiting in the wings. Review: Tactics For Gaming

Truthfully, there really is no way to game eHarmony. This isn’t a cop-out answer. We looked for ways to game the system, but really the only possible way to pull it off is by changing up your profile every once in a while. That seems to help keep it at the top of search results. However, on a site like, that matters far less than other singles dating sites. When a woman views a list of profiles, it’s going to be based on her compatibility matches on So if a woman has a lot in common with you, she’ll find your profile anyway. Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Love On

In order to balance out our positive reviews, we must give criticism for things we don’t like about a dating site. The only real problem we had with was the length of time it takes to meet someone. As you’ve probably learned from our dating guide, we’re in favor of using 2-3 dating sites at a time. So it’s not really a big deal that we had troubles setting up dates quickly on But we simply could not rank this site 1st or 2nd for that exact reason. We gave slight preference to sites that we were able to set-up dates right away. Review: Conclusion

Many of you have probably tried And if you have tested the site out and are reading this review, chances are you didn’t have much success. Don’t feel bad. We’ve talked to many guys (and gals) that struggled to meet someone on We want you to completely forget about that past experience on Pretend it never happened.

Forgotten about it yet? Good! Let’s move on. Now that you’ve erased that lousy experience on from your mind, it’s time to give the site a second chance. This time you’re going to follow all of the pointers we teach you in our guide and the strategy taught in this review. We’re confident you’ll have a far better experience this time around. And don’t forget to sign-up for and/or as well. Using 2-3 dating sites is the best way to find your PERFECT online.

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it helps clarify that is a not a scam and is a legit dating website and definitely the real deal!