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On October 26, 2012
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Don't wate your time or money on - It's a scam!

We just want to know exactly what is connecting singles to? From our experience, there wasn’t any connecting going on. We’ve also spoken to other members of this site that were just as confused as we are. They certainly aren’t connecting quality singles to other quality singles. Or, at least, not very many singles are getting together on this site.

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In case you’re not familiar with (lucky you!), you won’t have to pay a penny to use their “service”. Yet, somehow, you’ll be getting ripped off if you sign-up. That’s the way it is on any free dating site. There’s a reason a dating site is free – they have nothing of value to offer their customers. Think about it. Why would a quality dating site avoid charging people to use their service?

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There’s no point wasting time on Check out this top 5 list for legit singles dating sites!

Here’s how a free dating site works. They throw a bunch of cool slogans and marketing gimmicks at you to convince you to sign-up. They don’t make any money off of you directly. Instead, they annoy the heck out of you with constant advertisements. They make their money off of those ads, which they can’t sell unless they have a large enough member base. The gimmick is that the site is free. But what they don’t tell you is that you’re unlikely to actually meet someone. So it’s a complete waste of time. Reviewing Our Results & Experience With The Site

There were some attractive women on There were a ton more ugly women that had even uglier personalities. It’s very hard to chat with women on this site. Each female receives a ridiculous amount of messages sent each day. Even the average looking women get high volume messages. Even if you write a great email, it won’t matter. Your email will either get lost in the bunch or it will be sent to someone that never logs in to check her messages. That’s pretty common on free dating sites.


  1. Lacking in the looks, personality, and intelligence departments
  2. Not girlfriend material
  3. Not serious about finding someone ranks 6th on our list of dating sites (out of 15) in terms of email response rate and number of dates set-up (which was 0, just like the entire bottom-10). That #6 ranking may as well be #42,000. We can’t recommend the site to you either way and it’s far from the #5 ranked site – On, we received a whopping 81 responses to the 450 total emails we sent out. Not very impressive! Review: Conclusion

To conclude this review, we’d simply like to tell you that you should NOT waste your time with There’s nothing positive about this site other than it not costing you any money. You’re almost better off using Craigslist – which is a total scam – if you want a free site. At least you don’t have to spend time creating profile. So say no to and yes to

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it helps clarify that is a total scam and is NOT a legit dating website and NOT for real! Check out these legit singles sites instead of Connecting Singles.