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On October 26, 2012
Last modified:November 15, 2012


Don't wate your time with - It's a scam!

We sent the owners of and petitioned them to change the name of the site to We felt this name was more fitting. After reading this review, you’ll understand why. Unfortunately, they never responded to our message – sort of like the nasty women we emailed on Which justifies our reasoning for suggesting a change to

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But we digress. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty on why didn’t crack our Top 5. Well, it’s pretty simple – is a disgrace to the online dating community. Fake profiles, Hookers/Escorts, and 300-pound women populate the member database. And that’s not even the worst part of the site! Yes, it actually gets worse.

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There’s no point wasting time on Check out this top 5 list for legit singles dating sites! Reviewing Our Results & Experience With This Scam Site

We don’t like making fun of people. Okay, that’s a lie. We very much enjoy making fun of those that deserve to be made fun of. So for your entertainment, we’re going to share with you an actual profile from a female member. Her name is Karie, and she’s a 27-year old divorced woman residing in small town Ohio. Karie, apparently, has yet to take a firm grasp on the English language…despite being from this country. Odd. Here are some snippets from her profile…

MY STORY: “I am a single mom ready to find that person to go thought life with”. Epic. What’s your perfect night out? “up for just about anything fun”. Wow, that really narrows it down, Karie! What about your favorite books? “love to read do not real have a type”. We don’t even have to comment on that one. She made enough of a fool of herself on her own.


  1. Real women are uninteresting and unattractive
  2. Lots of fake profiles
  3. Too much of a scam site to decipher who is and is not a scam

Normally, this is where we break down our results on the dating site we reviewed. For, there’s really not much of a point to it. Let’s just say the results were beyond pathetic. Hardly any women responded to our emails and ZERO of those that did took us up on our offer to go out on a date. What a horrible 12 weeks. Oh well, you live and you learn. Review: Conclusion … errr … is a terrible dating site. There’s really no way around it. As you can tell, we didn’t put much effort into this review. We figured that would be a fitting way to honor a site that also doesn’t put much effort into their work. We spent 12 weeks reviewing this site. We tried and tried to meet women, but there weren’t any to meet. The real women under 300 pounds were Hookers and the over-300 pound women had fingers so fat they couldn’t type up an email. Or, at least that’s what we assumed. So say no to and yes to

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it helps clarify that is a total scam and is NOT a legit dating website and NOT for real! Check out these legit singles sites instead of BeSocial.