What No One Else Will Tell You: Avoiding Singles Dating Scams

The sad truth about online dating is there are many clowns that take advantage of single men (and sometimes women). You’ll never hear a dating site mention this to you, but there are a gazillion singles Internet dating scams. These scams range from annoying to financially devastating. That’s right, there are actually singles dating scams that can drain your bank account if you fall for them. And there are some that are just an annoyance.

When you sign-up for any of the good singles dating sites, there’s no need to worry about any scams. The best sites do everything in their power to keep the scam artists off their site. Other sites take no precautions to prevent scams. That’s okay – we’ll do their job for them and take the proper precautions…by preventing you from signing up for these sites.

Scammers come in different shapes and forms. Be careful! If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

Upon last Google search for the term “singles online dating site”, more than 40 million results popped up. 99% of those sites are scams. They might do a good job of luring you in, but you’ll just be wasting your hard earned money trying to meet people on most sites. Before we teach you how to avoid singles dating site scams, we must first identify the main scams to look for. As mentioned above, there are tons of different scams out there. These are the most common ones and the easiest to spot…

  • Member databases filled with fake profiles. A lousy dating site often creates fake profiles – usually with very attractive women – in order to sucker men into signing up.
  • Scam artists trying to get your money. The Internet was an amazing invention (by Al Gore, right!?), but also a haven for scammers. The “woman” you’re chatting with might ask for travel money to come see you if she lives far away. This is a potential scam artist just looking for money and access to your bank account.
  • Empty databases or databases filled with women (or men) that haven’t logged on in ages. These are your biggest wastes of money. Some of the worst dating sites simply don’t have enough members that actually log-in very often. We consider these scams.

How to Avoid the Most Harmful and Annoying Singles Internet Dating Scams

There are a number of precautions you must take in order to avoid online dating scams. The best precaution you can take is only sign-up for the dating sites we recommend. We found absolutely no scams on these sites. With that said, should you come across the rare scam on one of those sites or decide to sign-up for one of the Bottom-10 dating sites we reviewed, we do have some helpful pointers so you can prevent being taken advantage of.

First and foremost – always get to know your dating site before supplying your credit card information. Unless you’re wealthy, you can’t afford to just hand over $20-$40 per month without getting any kind of return (meeting someone). Check the site out and make sure there are plenty of other singles on the site that have logged in within the previous week.

If you notice that a majority of the women appear way too hot to be real, they probably aren’t. Those are fake profiles. You’ll be wasting your time trying to contact those women. The last piece of advice we can give on avoiding scams – and this is the most important – is to NEVER agree to pay for travel arrangements for someone you’ve never met. A high percentage of these “women” are scam artists that are looking for your money and possibly bank account/credit card number. After you’ve met her once or twice, if you want to pay for her travel to come see you, go right ahead. But not the first date.

If you see a picture like this, it’s probably a fake profile!