Maximizing Success by Using 2 Singles Dating Sites at The Same Time

I’m a total math/accounting junkie. I make decisions based on what is most cost efficient. I spent years draining my bank account attempting to meet women in a bar. So I switched over to online dating. It’s far less expensive. When you figure in the cost of buying drinks for yourself and the women you meet, one night out at a bar is equivalent to one month on a dating site.

I started out using just one dating site ( That worked out fine, but I questioned if I would have even more success using multiple dating sites. So, despite being a tightwad, I signed up for a second dating site – This is the best singles dating tactic I’ve ever used. But not only was it the top dating strategy for singles I used, it really didn’t cost me all that much money, relatively speaking.

After a few months on, I had met quite a few great women. I really didn’t have any complaints. But I knew if I was going to find the perfect woman for me, I needed to have access to as many women as possible. Once I signed up for, I never had any problems setting up dates. I was able to date multiple women at the same time, which made it more likely I would end up with the right person.

Using Multiple Singles Dating Sites: Why You Should Never Settle for Less Than What You TRULY Desire

The more sites you use, the better the results you will have!

Everyone has a type of woman they want to date. She might be thin, pretty, intelligent, and into Star Wars. Or maybe you’re into punk rocker chicks with a dozen tattoos. On each of the 5 dating sites we recommend, you’ll find a wide range of women. There truly is a girl for every guy on the following 5 sites:,,,, and

So you absolutely can find the right girl for you with any one of those sites. But why limit yourself? Why not see what’s out there? Most men that look for women in bars and clubs don’t stick to one place. They often venture to 2-3 bars on most evenings. Why? Because there are more women to be found.

Let’s say you meet a cool chick on You go out on a couple of dates with her and think she’s definitely your type. But maybe you’re not 100% convinced she’s “the one”. What if “the one” was signed up for a different dating site? Wouldn’t it be worth spending an extra $20-$30 to meet her?

Dating – whether it be online or offline – is very much so a numbers game. You have to get yourself out in front of as many women that share common interests in order to find someone to settle down with. You have to chat with a decent amount of women online before setting up just one date. And, realistically, you’re going to have to go on dates with at least a few women before finding the right one.

You can’t expect to live happily ever after with the first woman you go out on a date with. There are a number of reasons for this. Despite being attracted to her online and enjoying conversation with her over Instant Message, you might end up not being into her once you actually meet. Or she might not be into you. This is exactly why you should work AT LEAST 2 dating sites at a time. You’ll always have a pipeline filled with “replacement” dates in these situations.