Closing the Deal: From Lounge to Home in Under 3 Hours

Before I get started, I want to shoot down a myth about relationship based online dating sites. When you meet a woman online and she’s looking for a relationship, not a friends with benefits situation, that doesn’t mean she won’t put out on a first date. Okay, with that out of the way, let’s be real about something. If a woman is willing to come back to your place or invite you into her home at the end of the night, she fully intends to have sex with you or at least fool around.

Yes, there are some women – a small percentage of them – that won’t give it up even if they come back to your place. But most absolutely will put out as long as you don’t screw things up once she’s in the door. Before bringing her back to your place, you have to strategize how you’re going to get from bar/restaurant/etc to your bedroom. It all starts with pre-planning. Here are some pointers to help you get from date to sexy time in no time…

end of the date closing tactics

Make sure you have a plan to close the deal at the en of you date!

Getting Laid Tip #1: Plan to go somewhere within a close proximity of your home

The worst thing you can do is to take her somewhere an hour away from your place. Even if she does come back to your house, you run the risk of her getting tired by the time you get home. She might just want to crash and cuddle all night by then. If at all possible, go somewhere within a 15 minute drive – maximum – to your house. Don’t waste any time.

Getting Laid Tip #2: Pick somewhere that’s not too tiring

You don’t want to do any tiring activities. Sure, it’s fun to go hiking or mountain climbing or bungee jumping on a first date. It even shows you’re a fun, adventurous guy. But if you want the night to end in sexual intercourse, these aren’t good first date activities. Going out to a movie is also a bad idea because movies often make people tired. Stick to dinner and then take her to a nice lounge for 1-2 drinks. Getting wasted is a bad idea as well.

Getting Laid Tip #3: Don’t waste your time chatting all night

Initially, on a first date, you should spend some time getting to know each other. Chat about everything from life goals to past experiences. Do this over a good meal. After that, it’s time to get down to business and start showing her your intimate side. If you’re chatting all night about your favorite baseball teams, eventually she’s going to lose interest in you as a romantic partner and start categorizing you as a friend. Get to know her a bit and then make your move. Go in for a kiss and tell her that you like her. Once you’re certain she’s into you, have the confidence to ask her back to your place. There is nothing difficult about asking a woman to come home with you. You don’t need to be some sort of “player”. A simple, “I’d love it if we could continue this conversation back at my place” will suffice.

Getting laid on a first date is all about confidence, pre-planning, and executing that plan. Don’t ever assume she won’t have sex with you or at least fool around. Most women will. The majority of women that claim they won’t put out on a first date say this because they don’t want to appear slutty. But if there is sexual chemistry between two people, chances are something sexual will happen.