The Best Pictures to Use on Singles Dating Sites to Attract Women

I really hate focusing on appearance when it comes to dating, but it truly is important. Women that say they don’t care about looks are straight up lying. The same goes for men. We are attracted to a woman’s looks just as much as she is attracted to our looks. However, there is a bit of a difference. Men are more attracted to the natural beauty on a woman. A woman is – in most cases – attracted to things such as how a man dresses and how in shape the guy is.

Don’t be an idiot like this guy. Use a GOOD profile picture!

Natural looks are less important to attracting women than they are to attracting a man. But she must be attracted to your appearance if she’s going to consider dating you. Getting her attracted to your appearance starts with your profile pictures and the pictures you email/text her. Again, you don’t have to possess natural, boyish good looks to attract most women. You just need to present yourself in an appealing manner. That means wear clothes that look good on you, shave or trim your beard/goatee, and get a hairstyle that works well on you.

Your singles dating profile picture tells a woman a lot about you. It’s the first thing she will see. The best pics for singles dating sites are ones that make women instantly attracted to you. The content of your profile will only get you so far. She has to find you easy on the eyes if she’s going to want to talk to you. If you’re worried about your appearance and think no woman would ever consider you attractive, I have some singles dating profile picture tips that will change your mind – GUARANTEED!

Singles Dating Profile Picture Tip #1: YOU Control How Attracted Women Are To You

Yes, there are some very shallow women out there that absolutely will not date a man that wasn’t born with stunning good looks. To hell with those women! You don’t want to be with them anyway. Focus on dating the REAL women that aren’t so shallow. I’ve got good news for you – the shallow, slutty women are in the minority, despite what you may think.

You truly can control how attractive you are to (most) women. It’s all about how you present yourself. Dress like a slob, put on a baseball cap, take a picture and post it…why would any woman be attracted to you? What you’re doing is telling women, “I’m a lazy bum with no motivation and don’t care about my appearance”. So why should she care to get to know you? If you put in the effort to take good photos, women will at least be interested in reading your profile to find out more about what you’re interested in and looking for.

Singles Dating Profile Picture Tip #2: Women Take Note of What You’re Doing in Your Profile Pictures

Here’s a bad suggestion – post a photo of you and your buddies liquored up. It’s a bad suggestion because no one will be contacting you. Women don’t just pay attention to the way you look when they’re viewing your photos. They also pay attention to what you’re doing and where you are in the photos.

A good way to impress women is to take pictures of you doing something fun. Maybe out at a ballgame (no hat on!), at the beach, or hiking through the mountains. This shows women that you have a fun personality. Women like men that are adventurous and well traveled. So the next time you’re on vacation or out in the mountains, take a good picture and post it on your singles dating site profile.

Singles Dating Profile Picture Tip #3: Face shots aren’t enough – you need a full portfolio

One picture of your face isn’t enough to make women interested in you. Your profile should include at least 3-4 pictures, and possibly more. Women want to see your entire package. No, not THAT package. I’m talking about the face, the body (fully clothed, of course), and your style. If you don’t show off the whole package, they won’t know for sure if they’re attracted.

It’s never a good idea to hide things from women online. Even if you hide your true looks or personality from her online, she’s eventually going to find out. Let’s say you’re 300 pounds and she claims to only date thin guys. If you’ve hidden your body from her online, you can’t hide it from her offline. Once she shows up and finds out you’re about 150 pounds heavier than what she dates, she’ll probably ditch you.

These singles dating profile picture tips are equally important. You must follow them or you will not have women interested in you. Looks aren’t everything. But they do mean something. How you present yourself in your picture says a lot about who you are as a person. Be confident in your natural looks. Work to get in shape (if you’re overweight), dress well in your pictures and on a date, practice good hygiene, and there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll be attracting plenty of women.