The Case for BEING DIFFERENT When Dating on Singles Sites

For this article, I’m going to do something different. I’m going to give you an assignment. The next time you’re in your favorite Adult Video Store (I know you shop there!), take a look around at all of the different videos available for purchase. Go find the section that has the porno videos you enjoy (i.e. lesbian, bondage, midgets, etc.). What do you notice when going through most of the videos? They’re all pretty much the same.

The plot lines are cheesy and the DVD covers lack creativity. But there’s always that one DVD that stands out from the rest. And it’s always some sort of crazy, insane fetish video. I want you to find that one ridiculous porno movie. Purchase it, if you must. The purpose of this assignment is to show you just how important being able to stand out from the competition is.

When you show up at the adult store, you’re going to have a ton of different movies to choose from. Most of them are the same. The only real difference is instead of a Fireman coming over to “put out her fire” in one video, a Policeman will come over to “cuff her” in another video. So which one will most customers choose? The one that stands out. I didn’t write this article to talk about my favorite subject – porn. I wrote it to get you to understand the importance of being “different” online.

Playing the Online Dating Game

For those new to online dating (read this first), here’s how it works. You pick a dating site, create a profile, find a cute woman, send her an email, and hope she responds so you can start conversing with her. Seems simple, right? It is…except it’s not. Most of the emails sent are never read. Attractive women receive somewhere around 200 emails per week on major dating sites.

Women on these dating sites are a bit like a man walking into an adult store. They open their email inbox and see nothing but a bunch of cheesy subject headings and lame emails. Imagine if your email was mixed in there with a catchy headline and email message that humored her. Your email would be more likely to receive a response than any of the other messages.

Online dating is a game. He who plans, prepares, and implements the plan of action most effectively, wins the game. Or, in this case, wins the girl. Plan to a strategy to be different, prepare to impress women, and implement your plan of action. I cannot stress enough the importance of standing out, however I must caution you a bit…

Don’t Try to Be Someone You Are Not

I don’t care for lame, motivational clichés, but I truly do believe it’s best to be yourself because there is someone out there for you. I’ve known men that attempted to portray themselves as a completely different person than they really were online. It worked wonders in getting dates. Unfortunately, for them, the relationships never lasted.

You can’t build a true relationship on a lie. Don’t lie about whom you are just to stand out. Stand out in a way that showcases yourself in an honest manner. Pick one area of your life or interesting skill that you have and focus on that. Maybe you give an amazing massage. Women love massages. So focus on your massage talents in your profile. It’s all about finding your own personal niche and leveraging that to stand out.