Top 15 Ways to Impress a Woman on a First Date

For this post, I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of giving you in-depth pointers, I created a list of 15 ways to impress a woman on a first date, along with a short description of each. This list is not written in order of importance. It’s just a list of the 15 best ways to impress women. And, yes, you should implement all 15 of these tips into your next first date…

1.Take her somewhere fun, original, and creative. Most first dates are kind of boring. Where you decide to take her will show her a lot about your personality.

Looking good personality

Looking good personality

2.Open doors for her. It’s the manly thing to do. Open the door and let her enter the building in front of you.

3.Smile when she talks. It shows her you’re interested in what she’s saying. It also shows her you know how to pay attention.

4.Pay for EVERYTHING. She might say she doesn’t mind if she has to pay, but she really does.

5.Be honest with her. Women hate dishonest men and they’re great at sniffing out a lie.

6.Give her compliments. Don’t be cheesy or compliment the size of her rack. Be genuine and compliment her hair, eyes, dress, etc.

7.Tell funny but non-offensive jokes. Women are attracted to a man with a sense of humor.

8.Go in for a kiss at the end of the night. This convinces her you like her.

 kiss in first date

kiss in first date

9.Don’t ask too many questions. Make more comments than questions you ask. It’s annoying to have someone ask you a million questions.

10.Display confidence. Confidence is sexy. Plain and simple. If you show her that you’re a confident man, she’ll be attracted to you.

Looking Confidence  sexy

Looking Confidence sexy

11.Hold her hand in public. Women dig guys that aren’t afraid of holding hands in public.

12.Put your arm around her. Women love being touched. This is a great way to show affection.

13.Keep the conversation interesting. Don’t bore her with lame subjects such as the weather, your crappy job, or crazy ex-girlfriends.

14.Tease her. Find silly little things she does or says and tease her about them in a playful manner.

15.Makeout with her. There’s no better way to show affection than a full-out makeout session. Kiss her passionately and don’t be afraid to stick your tongue down her throat!