Top 10 Signs Your Date Really Isn’t Into You

There’s no doubt that a woman that has agreed to go out on a date with you is interested in you. However, we don’t know enough about a person we met online until actually meeting in person. Until then, it’s merely interest and nothing more. You can’t assume she’s going to like you. You actually have to work to impress her. Most guys fail to pick up on the signs a woman gives off – whether it be signs indicating she’s interested or not interested. To determine if she isn’t, here are 10 obvious signs…

1.She won’t look you directly in the eyes

She might give you a courtesy smile and turn her head away, but it’s probably a fake smile. When a woman is truly into a guy, she looks him in the eyes. This is her subconscious way of saying “I like what I see”.

Signs indicating she’s interested or not interested

Signs indicating she’s interested or not interested

2.She’s continually texting

If a woman were into you, she’d give you her undivided attention. Some women are simply addicted texters. On rare occasions, that’s what is going on. But in most instances, the girl is sending text messages as a way to ignore you. She finds her friends more entertaining.

3.She doesn’t compliment you

If she won’t even say, “you look nice”, it’s probably because she doesn’t think you do. You can test this out by giving her a compliment to see if she’ll give you one in return. If she doesn’t, she probably doesn’t like you.

 Look nice

Look nice

4.She always keeps a distance between you

When a woman likes a guy, she will always look for ways to make physical contact with him. Men do the same thing. If you try to get close to her and notice she’s pushing back, she’s not into you.

5.She ignores your text messages after the date

If you went through the date without finding obvious signs she’s not into you, send her a text message or call her the next day. If you don’t receive a response, send another one. If you still don’t get a response, she wasn’t into you.

6.She doesn’t laugh at your lame jokes

You don’t have to be a funny guy to make a girl laugh if she’s into you. If she’s not into you, she won’t laugh at your jokes. When a woman likes a guy, she laughs at even the dumbest jokes he says.

She doesn’t laugh at your lame jokes

She doesn’t laugh at your lame jokes

7. She comes up with an excuse to leave early

I realize that sometimes emergencies happen. But most of the time, if a girl all of a sudden has to “give her dad a ride home”, she’s really just looking for an excuse to get away from you.