How to Become More Attractive to Women

What is attraction? That’s a hard question to answer because everyone thinks of attraction in a different way. For example, I have a very shallow female friend that absolutely CANNOT become attracted to a man that wasn’t born with amazing looks and hasn’t developed a perfect body. I have other friends that tell me they’re attracted to a sense of humor and don’t particularly care about a man’s looks.

With that said, you need to be attractive to women in order to convince them to date you. Attractive is a relative term. For one woman, she might be attracted to a man with style. Another woman might want a guy that has a handsome, boyish looking face. Another woman might be into men that can make her laugh. So how do you make yourself more attractive to the majority of women?

Get a haircut and get a real job…clean your act up and don’t be a slob

Get it together like your big brother Bob…why don’t you…get a haircut…and get a REAL job! That’s one of my favorite songs! Not only is it a great song, there’s also some great advice for you in the lyrics. Women like men that take care of themselves and have their act together. I know it seems very 1950’s to think the man should be the provider, but it’s still important for you to have a decent job. Living in mommy and daddy’s basement isn’t going to be attractive to women. Get yourself a nice haircut and get your act together.

Attractive to women

Attractive to women

Wear clothes that are meant to be taken off

Ask any woman what she looks at first when meeting a guy and she’ll tell you it’s his clothes. Your style is very important in building attraction. The majority of your body is covered by your clothing so she’s going to pay great attention to what you wear. Always dress nice on a date. If you’re unsure if something looks good on you, ask a friend before going out. This is something you CANNOT screw up. If you show up dressed like a slob, there’s probably nothing you will be able to do to impress her. Nice clothing was built for one purpose – to be ripped off by your woman. They make you look sexy and make her want to sleep with you.

 Look sexy  on a first date

Look sexy on a first date

If you look like Louie Anderson, think you look like Brad Pitt

There isn’t a more important quality to have than confidence. Decent women do NOT date men that lack confidence. It doesn’t matter what you look like. If you feel like you look great and exude confidence, you’ll be attractive to most women. Do not show weakness or display any sort of inferiority. I don’t care how hot and successful she is and how ugly and unsuccessful you are. If you can show her that you’re confident in who you are, she’ll be attracted to you.

 Look like Brad Pitt

Look like Brad Pitt

Don’t put up with her crap

Women try to walk all over men. They do this as a test to see how strong you are mentally. If you don’t back down from this challenge and stand up to her, she’ll be impressed. If she knows she can walk all over you, she’ll think you’re a total wimp and won’t find you attractive. Never allow a woman to push you around. Be a man and don’t take her crap. Some guys try too hard to be too nice. This shows insecurity and is not attractive.