A Disturbing Interview With a Female Online Dater: How YOU Can Capitalize On Other’s Mistakes

I wanted to get some insight into online dating from a female’s perspective so I got in contact with Crystal – a 26-year old cutie on PerfectMatch.com. Crystal has been kind enough to share with me her disturbing online dating story. She’ll also help you learn how you can take advantage (not sexually!) of women in similar situations.

Online dating

Online dating

Q: I won’t beat around the bush, Crystal, I want to know some details about your personal experience with singles dating sites?

A: To be perfectly honest, it’s been an overall miserable experience. I really don’t even know why I even bother anymore. Most of the guys I chat with and meet are total douchebags. They just want one thing – sex. I’m not a sex hater, but is it asking too much out of a guy to wait until I get to know him a bit before sending me pictures of his junk?

Q: No, I think a man should send you a picture of his junk right away. At least you’ll know right off the bat if it’s big enough for you. Wouldn’t you be disappointed to find out it’s a 3-incher once you are ready for sex?

A: That’s an excellent point. Wait, no its not!

Q: I was kidding, of course. Okay, so the experience has been miserable, but haven’t you met any decent guys? I can’t imagine every guy out there is a total douchebag.

A: Mostly douchebags, but I have met a couple of decent guys.

Q: Are you overly picky?

A: Not really. If a guy is easy on the eyes, takes care of himself, and treats a woman right, I can get with him.

Q: You’re an attractive girl. I looked at your profile pictures and I’d be surprised if you didn’t receive a dozen emails per day from a guy. Can you give me an idea of the quality of the content in those emails?

A: What quality? I laugh at almost every email I read, and it’s not at the content. By the way, thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you only called me attractive and didn’t go on about how you want to bend me over.

Q: I’m a classy pervert! So what type of advice would you give to my male readers that may be struggling with meeting women online?

A: Don’t be a douchebag! I like a classy guy and so do most women I know. If you send me pictures of your junk right off the bat, I’m going to put you on ignore. I’m no prude, but I’m also not a slut. If you want to date a real woman that isn’t a total slut, focus on making her laugh and telling her what sweet things you’ll do for her instead of how hard you’re going to ram your c*ck into her!